Miyamoto Musashi

Miyamoto Musashi (宮本 武蔵)
Born: June 13, 1584 Harima Province
Died: June 13, 1645 Higo Province

Considered as one of the most legendary warriors of all time. Also known as a Kensei (Sword Saint). The founder of Niten Ichi-ryū a swordsmanship fighting style that is mainly known for the two sword, katana and wakizashi, kenjutsu techniques Musashi called Niten Ichi (Two heavens as one) or Nitō Ichi (Two swords as one). He was even the author of "The Book of Five Rings" a book on strategies, tactics and philosophy that is still studied today, even by businessmen as its strategies can be applied where competition occurs.

A train station named Miyamoto Musashi exists in Mimasaka, Okayama Prefecture, Japan.




Mark Dacascos travels to Japan to trace the footsteps of the ultimate samurai warrior Miyamoto Musashi.

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